Hook up deca broadband adapter, directv wireless deca ethernet over coax adapter (cck-w)

So the two areas are not really connected that way. Which brings me to my question. Now you could couple the two coax runs together producing the desired bedroom to living room run except that the run to your living room is being used to bring your internet. Getting tired of that and stumbled on this great site a few months ago.

They do make the adapter you are asking about but the problem is you would need the coax to go from your bedroom to the living room. All you have to do is put an adapter near your router and then another adapter in another room where you want ethernet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doesn't seem to be a good solution for you. Anyways billaustin how did it go connecting to your receiver for internet? So if there is a splitter or bridge somewhere in the building, I wouldn't even know where to look for that.

What Is DirecTV Deca

DIRECTV DECA Broadband Adapter Setup

Is there any adapter that can convert coaxial to Ethernet - April - Forums

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Be Civil Be polite and civil in all discussions. Since hardwired just run the network setup in the menu to test to see if it can see the internet. It's not a great bargain and it doesn't require it's own cable into the residence.

DIRECTV DECA Broadband Adapter Setup

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  3. And you left out my router.

Funny now, but I was ripping hair out the day before. Such a device is called a modem. Here's what I'm deploying more often.

DIRECTV Wireless DECA Ethernet Over Coax Adapter (CCK-W)

Powerline Networking is really fast for me in my double wide mobile home. So I have a powerline set so I can test it and then the client knows it's fine. Most folk use WiFi to share a connection but as you want to use that coax, you need a modem to use it. Most houses have the entry from outside coming into a basement area, and then splitters right at that entry point connect to the coax wires going to the rest of the house.

Has anyone else had an issue with the C. Immediate payment is required in order for us to ship out your purchase as quickly as possible. Want to add to the discussion?

When I plugged them into the existing cable runs of my house however, they would not connect. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, our U. With those download speeds, hook you will be watching tv shows before they even finish filming them. Street skipped for U-verse years ago. It depends on what you bought.

DIRECTV Broadband DECA Ethernet Over Coax Adapter (DECAEPSKIT)
  • And you need another modem at the other side to change it back to Ethernet.
  • Would it be on the same Internet network as the existing modem?
  • This minimizes the interference they cause on the power wiring.
  • Either way, it is not something that you should have do yourself or pay for parts for.
  • The list shows up, but can you play a file from one dvr on another?

DCAU1R0-01 DIRECTV Broadband USB DECA Ethernet to Coax Kit - GEN III

It Still Works

Follow Follow this discussion and email me when there are updates Stop following this discussion. In fact, muslim you can't use the existing cable since that is connected to the cable network. And I am one click from buying this Actiontec device. Had them for a while and have always just paid an installer for any changes.

DIRECTV Broadband Deca Ethernet to Coax Adapter - Generation II (2 Pack)

One is hooked up between my router and the splitter. We use them all the time in tough installation situations and they usually only give you trouble if you have too many of them hooked up. Need Help i have the deca connected and everything i have to light on the network light and the power light but the other light is not on is there a problem. Maybe I don't understand what the function of the deca box is. Did this adapter work for you.

This provides internet to my two directv recievers. It needs to be plugged directly in the wall. It's an old house with old wiring so I thought the splitter was bad. Powerline bridges have one caveat and it's not something I can check in most homes.

It was not called WiFi back then. My entry line goes right to my modem. Remember this is on the web so I summarize due to the fact I type it in. Since this is relevant to many cord cutters, I say we produce a how-to and sticky post it to the sidebar. Please contact the mods before posting a survey post.

Setting up broadband with HR

DIRECTV DECA 2 Connected Home Adapter (DCA2SR0-01)

There are also powerline filters available that can be used with devices that generate a lot of interference like hair dryers. It sure beats wall fishing. Sounds like a great setup. No worries, just pointing it out.

No DECA Internet Connection

We will ship your order once payment has cleared. So the port is just sticking out of the wall unused. Open a command window on your laptop and enter the command ipconfig. Too many posters ask simple questions, then really confuse the issue by adding additional equipment to the mix and causing a whole lot of incorrect answers until the system configuration is clear. You would need a set of private modems with a private cable in between.

Effectively, the coax is just one big wire going everywhere in the house and out into the cable network. Join us and become a cordcutter today. Took me a while initially when it didn't work to find the splitter was the culprit. Before I go further, take a look at your addressing and let us know so that we can get a better resolution.

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