Dating someone with the same name as your dad, dating someone with the same name as your mom or dad

His sister married a guy with the same name as his next oldest brother, and named her son half of my boyfriends name. It would be weirder if there was a physical resemblance. Aguecheek married a lovely girl who does not have the same name as his sister. Nope, online dating it'd be too much of a reminder that would throw me off. My sister's third and fourth husbands had the same name as our other brother.

So they are both addressed by their full name. Myself, I don't think I could do it. If she had a more common name, like Mary, then no problem. Well his sister has a common French name, and he has dated women with that name, dating usvi but she had a nickname that he always called her anyway.

And her boyfriend has my name. Sure, my sister is really hot. Yeah, but I'd probably give her a nickname or pet name. Related Questions Is it okay to date someone who has the same name as your mom?

  1. Wouldn't bother me, my brain doesn't associate things that way.
  2. On the other hand, two of my sisters have names which have fallen out of favor during my lifetime.
  3. It would be odd, but if she was really awesome I could, I think.

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Anyway, obviously it's not a problem in my family. You do or don't like the person. As it happens, my husband's name is different from all of those, so it never came up. My wife had the same first Name as my mother, but that isn't shocking because they were both German and it's a common Name here.

It would probably bother me quite a bit to date someone with my sister's name, especially at first, but I wouldn't rule out dating a girl because of it. Will my girlfriend think I am a pervert since I am dating someone who has the same name as my mom. When I was dating no I couldn't not could I date the same name as my brother.

  • In my case it would be my fathers name since I dont have a brother.
  • Nah man it's all good, it's a biiiiit odd, but no biggy.
  • It's so silly but I would feel weird.
Dating someone with the same name as your dad

It was a bit weird at first, but I quickly got over it. Unless they had a middle name I could just use instead. What if that person is the best match you'll ever find? My sister used to date a guy with the same name as me and ended up pregnant. My husband has the same name as my dad and my stepgrandfather.

Finding the right partner is difficult enough as it is, so I would certainly not rule someone out simply because of their name. Hell dated a woman with same name as me. It wouldn't bother me as much because I rarely ever think of either of my parents names, nor do I run into women with the same name as my mom. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.

Not quite the same, but my wife's birthday is the same day as my stepmother's. My aunt went by a nickname, though. Good thing it doesn't bother me, because it's also my daughter's birthday! My brother's name is common - and it's the same as my dad's and grandpa's name. My brother in law is a Rob, and so is my brother.

Dating Someone with the Same Name as Your Mom or Dad

It'd be no problem if she had the same name as one of my siblings. My mother's name was so unusual that I have never met another lady with it, and likely never will. Not to mention it's not common names either and most people in my generation don't have names like theirs and most have English names.

Dating someone with the same name as your dad

Aside from it being strange you know friends and family would ridicule you at every turn. Fortunately dad has a really extravagant name that isn't very common for the new generation so it's almost impossible to find someone in his name. My Grandfather's sister-in-law was known til the end of her days as Joyce Maidenname by the family in order to distinguish her from their sister Joyce. But we always had fun picturing her being another Laura Bus Guy. It may get slightly confusing, but I don't see any reason why not.

It's a tiny bit weird, but not much. For my whole life I have been swiping left on those people and if it comes up in conversation by a person I approach I usually don't even talk to them afterwards. That was mildly funny, but not a big deal. Cmon, Christopher, where u at? He can even have my mum's name gender neutral or my name in short form gender neutral.

Is it okay to date someone who has the same name as your mom

Could you date someone that had the same name as your mom/dad

If I ever dated someone with my parent's name, I would go with the nickname option as well. They're both known as Danny. But, I don't call my dad or grandpa by that name, and luckily for me I think of my brother by his nickname. Never not a chance it would always bother me.

Its the same name as my brother's. As his sister hasn't married and his wife took his surname, characteristics of they now have the exact same name except one is a Mrs. People have nicknames for reasons.

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The name of your friend should not hinder your relationship with your friend and with your mother as your parent in your lifetime on the earth. It shouldn't be a problem because your mom and this girl are two completely different people. Why not, free I never call a partner by his name anyway but use petnames all the time xD so it doesn't really matter.

Would you date someone who had the same name as your mom or dad

Bring back the main forum list. Saying her name during sex, for one thing, would be way too weird. Hahaha never thought of that.

Dating Someone with the Same Name as Your Mom or Dad

Dating someone with the same name as your dad

That girl totally broke my squick-o-meter. Never really considered it'd be a problem for my sister, but I guess it isn't. My dad's name was very common and one of my sisters married someone with the same name. My parents share their names with my aunt and uncle.

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Or either grandfather Michael and Frank for that matter. Sure, I'd try it and give it a good chance, but that particular circumstance hasn't happened yet. Probably not, but I do know someone who wants to marry someone with his exact same name. Three of them share names with men I've had relationships with.

Fortunately, her name seems to be relatively rare - I've maybe met two other people with that name. No I think it'd be weird for me. The odds of meeting someone with either of those first two as their actual name are slim.

They are probably one of a million or more people with that name. It gets quite confusing for the rest of us. If she really loved me she'd change her name. It would be a dealbreaker.

Dating someone with the same name as your dad
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